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Opening abc files
ActionScript Byte Code File

Did your computer fail to open a abc file? We explain what abc files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your abc files.

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What is abc file?

Encoded file created by the Flash compiler when compiling ActionScript scripts (.AS files); contains bytecode for the script, which is compiled code that is readable and executable by the ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM or AVM2); often dynamically generated by the runtime compiler, so the user may not ever see the ABC file. ABC files are created in a format known as the "abcFile structure." This structure is comprised of primitive data, structured data, and arrays. Primitive data include integers and floating point numbers, while structured data includes an executable code block with its constant data, type descriptors, code, and metadata. Arrays are comprised of both primitive and structured data. NOTE: The ActionScript Virtual Machine is included with Adobe programs such as Flash and Flash Player. However, ABC files are only meant to be run by the virtual machine, not edited with these programs.

Software that will open, convert or fix abc files

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