Here are the steps to begin using our website to open your file.

Step 1

First, please ensure you are on the right page, and the file extension you're trying to open is exactly what you see in the title "Opening specific File Format files"

Step 2

If you're on the correct page which talks about the specific file extension you're trying to open, please proceed onto step 3. For users who are on the wrong page/the file extension you're trying to open is NOT the same as the title of the page, please use the Sitemap Functionality at the bottom to navigate to the correct page.

Step 3

Please read the definition of the file format you're trying to open. Our team has done a lot of research to ensure the data we provide for each file extension is accurate. Does the company information we have on our webpage match what you're expecting. The reason why our data may not be accurate at times is different companies choose the same file extension for different types of files, and in this type of situation, we'll have to inspect the file properties of the file to figure out which company made it.

Step 4

Once you correctly confirm the file format & the company which made this file extension, please click on the link within the "Software that will open, convert or fix files" box & proceed to that software provider's website to download and install the software. To ensure the software you get is always updated, we only provide the link to the software provider and do NOT host the installation files at all.

Step 5

Once you've finished installation of the software from the software provider, you can open the file.